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Country information

Suriname is more than 4 times as large as the Netherlands, the official language is Dutch. The neighboring countries of Suriname are; Guyana, in the west, French Guyana, in the east and Brazil, in the south. In the north, Suriname borders the Atlantic Ocean. The coastal plain consists mainly of marsh. After a broad strip of dry savannah on which most cities and villages are built, you get the real tropical rainforest. This primeval forest occupies 80% of Suriname.
Suriname is not Africa, where you are overwhelmed by the many animals and herds on the vast plains. The jungle is sometimes impassable, which makes it hard to spot, and certainly not in herds.

The abundance of water in Suriname means you never get bored: a mirror-smooth river, a mysterious reservoir and a vast ocean. Small islands, sometimes no more than a giant stone, are found here and there in the rivers.
Due to the emission of mud from the Amazon, the seacoast is brown and not clear blue. The beaches are beautiful, however. Three species of sea turtles regularly land on these beaches to lay eggs, especially at Galibi.

The city was once called a jewel of the West Indies, because of the many white wooden houses and shady avenues. Unfortunately, the shady avenues have disappeared in most places over the years. Paramaribo has the largest covered market in the Caribbean. Here people from the surrounding villages offer their merchandise.

The climate

The nicest seasons are those of February-April and July-October. The so-called "dry times". Temperatures are quite high throughout the year. They range from 25 ° - 36 ° with an average temperature of 31 ° C. The humidity varies between 65 and 90%.

The people
Indigenous and Maroon tribes live in the interior (the refugee enslaved). The colorful population, originally from many places around the world, has a wealth of cultures and religious customs. About 500,000 people live in Suriname. The majority of this is concentrated in the coastal plain and in and around Paramaribo.

The currency is the Surinamese dollar (SRD). 1 euro per September 1st, 2022 is approximately 25 SRD. worth.

Suriname is a presidential republic by government and a parliamentary democracy by government. The legal system of Suriname is based on that of the Netherlands, although there are clear differences on some points.
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