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Tour Operator  -  Stephen Brug
Experienced specialist in organising travel to and around Suriname.
Stephen Brug has been organising trips and tours to and around Suriname for 25 years and stays in the country around 5 months every year. He is the managing director and driving force behind Exotic travel Suriname. There are no secrets for him where organising all types of events is concerned.

He will take charge of creating the conditions that will allow the Latin dance holiday to become an unforgettable experience and memory for all!

(Dance)coach  -  Christel Willemsen
The presence of a dance coach is unique to this Latin dance holiday.
Christel Willemsen has been part of the Lan dance world for 30 years now, has been involved in in dance teaching and dances on average three times a week. She is also a certified coach. Her motto ‘get people moving’ is certainly applicable here.

Christel’s contribution will be to facilitate the dance instructors were needed, to guard the learning process of the dance lovers and to be available for coaching of the individual holidaymaker.

Latin Dance Vakantie
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+31 10 5222 359
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