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Bigi Pan tour:  € 255,- p.p. (3-days)
  • Day 3, 7:30 am departure and day 5, 7:00 pm back
Bigi Pan, ‘the big lake’ in the Surinam language, borders on the Atlantic Ocean. Bigi Pan is in the far NorthWest of Surinam at Nieuw-Nickerie, the second largest city in the country, at about a three hour drive from Paramaribo. Bigi Pan is reknown for its bird migration. Millions of birds land there every year to hibernate. A boa twill take you past creeks, mangrove forests and swamp areas. These are the breeding and hibernation grounds for more than 120 species of birds including the scarlet ibis, the osprey and the tern. Relaxing, spotting birds, alligators and snakes, fishing, swimming, mud baths, canooing, enjoying a beautiful sundown and throwing a party will be your activities at Bigi Pan. Day 1 you spend the night in a hotel in Nickerie and on day 2 the overnight stay is at Bigi Pan. It is basic and very simple but romantic, on the water.

Jungle tour:  € 215,- p.p. (3-days)
  • Day 9, 7:00 am departure and day 11, 5:00 pm back
3-day tour where you send the day and nights in the jungles. Double cabins with sanitary facilities and regular beds with mosquito nets. No malaria in this region! All inclusive except alcoholic drinks. A village walk to get acquainted with the local culture of the Maroons who escaped plantation slavery. The have kept African traditions like animism, natural medicine, building styles and clothing alive in the Surinam jungle.
Impressive jungle hike. During the hike the guide will explain the different (medicinal) plants, trees and animals in the jungle, and how to survive there. White water rapids, spotting alligators, cultural dance evenings, baking cassava bread, relaxation and dance party.

Plantation tour:  € 95,-  p.p.
  • Day as discussed, 10.30 – 16.30 hours
On this tour you will visit some former coffee, cacao and sugar cane plantations. This involves  visit to the old plantatation Mariënburg. The movie ‘At what price the sugar’ based on the historical novel by Cynthia Mc  Leod was  staged here, covering the heyday of the sugar plantation culture. By boat, you will cross to the old plantation of Frederiksburg which is characterised by its unique collection of ancient buildings. The lunch consists of a selection of typical Surinamese dishes.

Butterfly garden: € 45,- p.p.
  • Day as discussed, 14.00 – 17.00 hours
Interesting tour, rare butterflies. Includes a snake and tortoise farm. You will also make a short jungle tour. Aside from the butterfly garden you will visit the cosy covered market at Lelydorp. Lunch will consist of exotic dishes.

Botanical garden & crafts tour:  € 45,- p.p.
  • Day as discussed, 14.00 – 17.00 hours
Papa Flor is a botanical walking resort, with tropical floriculture as the main economic activity. If you are a lover of exotic plants and flowers this will make your heart leap. After a typical Surinamese lunch you will go on the crafts tour. During the ancient crafts tour you will visit a traditional potter as well as Maroon woodcarvers to acquaint yourself with their mastery of these centuries old crafts.
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